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Whitening (in office + trays + gel)

Your Smile Is Our Priority

Whitening (in office + trays + gel)


In office whitening
• Trays
• Gel

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Achieve a dazzling white smile with our In-Office Whitening with trays and gel. This comprehensive teeth whitening package offers you the convenience of professional-grade results along with the added power of an in-office treatment for immediate brightness.

In-Office Whitening:
Our in-office whitening treatment is administered by experienced dental professionals, ensuring safe and effective results. Using advanced whitening technology, this procedure delivers remarkable whitening in a single visit. Say goodbye to stubborn stains caused by coffee, tea, tobacco, and aging, as our specialized formula works to brighten your teeth and rejuvenate your smile.


  • Professional-grade whitening for a stunning smile
  • Immediate results with in-office treatment
  • Convenience of at-home maintenance and touch-ups
  • Personalized and custom-fitted trays for comfortable use
  • Minimized tooth sensitivity for a comfortable whitening experience

Invest in your smile with our In-Office Whitening and Home Kit with trays and gel, and experience the confidence that comes with a radiant, white smile. Whether you have a special occasion coming up or simply desire a brighter smile, this comprehensive package is the perfect solution for achieving a noticeable and long-lasting transformation.

Note: Before using the whitening products, it is recommended to consult with your dentist to ensure suitability and discuss any existing dental conditions.

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